Kenya officials dig grave to remove uniform ontop dead man

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Image example Local officials no explain give BBC why dem go dig grave to comot uniform wey dey ontop deadi bodi

Officials for western Kenya don dig out di deadi bodi of one local man to remove di uniform wey im wear ontop im bodi, according to reports.

Dem bury Martin Shikuku Alukoye, for im full Kakamega County Youth Service uniform afta im drown dis month.

Tori be say local officials open im grave to comot di bodi sake of di uniform wey dem use bury am, even though di family bin no allow dem to do am.

Alukoye uncle say dem break "di laws of di land and di laws of dia forefathers".

"We don follow di kontri goment relate ontop di burial arrangements and dem no reject our proposal to bury am inside im work uniform," dat na wetin Francis Mutamba tok, according to tori pipo Daily Nation newspaper.

Di family tok say dem reject di request of di officials to remove di uniform afta di burial of di 31-year-old, but las las di officials still come comot am, without family permission or court order.

Di assistant chief of Ituti area, Daniel Namayi, condemned di exhumation as im threaten legal action against di officers.

"Once dem don bury dead bodi, na only pesin wey get court order afta im don complain, fit comot am from grave. Di local officials don go against di law wen dem come comot di clothe," im tell di Daily Nation.

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Elders of di Abang'onya community don also criticise di county officials for di bodi dem comot from grave because dem see am as taboo.

"We don decide to bury our son for night in line wit culture wey say pesin wey die by drowning no go get burial wen sun dey shine. But di local officials don surprise us wen dem decide to comot di bodi from gave sake of di regalia," Oga Mutamba tok.

Earlier dis week, dem wear anoda cloth for di deadi bodi afta di elders don do rituals to clean di family.

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