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Vehicle roof removed by emergency services

BBC Radio Guernsey

Car accident

Emergency services in Guernsey removed the roof of a car to rescue a man, following an accident near the Co-Op Longstore.

Police are asking for the public to avoid the eastern coast road and described the method of rescue as a "precautionary measure".

No casualties have been reported.

Guernsey GCSE results 'not disastrous'

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey's vice president of education says poor results this year were not disastrous.


Yesterday's GCSE results were the poorest in the Bailiwick since 2016.

Deputy Richard Graham said: "Nobody is looking for excuses or glib answers but let us analyse what exactly is going on so we really understand the implications of one year's results.

"We're not talking about disastrous results."

Additional degree courses must meet criteria to be run

Charley Adams

BBC News Online

Assistant Minister for Social Security, Education and Health, deputy Jeremy Maçon, has responded to calls to add additional degree courses to the island’s Critical Skills list.

While supporting islanders' careers is important, additional courses cannot be added to the list unless they meet a particular criteria, Mr Maçon added.

The Critical Skills list describes specific courses that offer students the skills needed in the Jersey job market.

To be listed it must be an essential qualification, must increase a students' employability and there must be high chance students will take up employment in a critical role upon completing the course.

Deputy Maçon said: “The Government of Jersey is committed to creating a skilled local workforce for the future.

"The Critical Skills list forms an important part of this priority - allowing us to support islanders through courses that will help to meet significant skills gaps in Jersey’s job market."

Jeremy Macon
States Assembly

Channel Islands weather: sunny

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A dry day with lots of sunshine and blue skies throughout the day. Feeling rather warm. Light easterly winds.

Max: 24C

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